My Hero Academia Drops Key Visual for Its Fifth Anniversary

My Hero Academia has been entertaining readers for nearly seven years now, and the anime has helped bring the story to new heights. As it turns out, the show is on the cusp of its fifth anniversary, and the special milestone has got the show's team all fired up. After all, a special key visual was released for My Hero Academia in light of the anniversary, and it will get fans hyped for the next five years to come.

The artwork went live in the most recent issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. The piece, which can be seen just below, focuses on our favorite characters from the TV series. Of course, All Might is front and present for the visual, and he is joined by several of his brightest students.

As you can see, Izuku is standing before All Might with his hand raised up to celebrate the five-year anniversary. He is joined in line by Bakugo, Todoroki, Uraraka, and Iida. The gang is all holding up a single hand that counts out the anniversary. And if that wasn't clear enough, the poster features bold red letters spelling out the fifth-anniversary event.

Clearly, the team behind My Hero Academia is proud of the feat, and it is no surprise why. The market is a very saturated one, so it is difficult to sustain a fanbase long enough to last five years. But when it comes to My Hero Academia, the fandom is only growing! The manga and anime have endeared millions of fans around the world, and netizens continue stumbling upon the superhero series to this day. So if you have yet to check out the PLUS ULTRA anime, well - you better get on it ASASP!

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