My Hero Academia Teases Season 4 Finale with New Episode Titles

My Hero Academia is keeping busy with season four, but it will be over before too long. The new season will wrap with 25 episodes, and fans have been wondering how the show would wrap it up. Now, it seems some new episode titles for the fourth season have gone live, and they tease the titles of three final releases.

Over on Twitter, the user Spytrue translated the episode titles which were released via Shueisha. The episode titles name episodes 23-25, and it confirms a new arc will begin just before season four closes its doors.

Curious? Well, you can check out the My Hero Academia episode titles below:

"Let It Flow! School Festival!"

"Japanese Hero Billboard Chart"

"His Start"

As you can see above, these episodes wrap up the season's current arc and then lead into the next. The name of episode 23 will bring about the climax of Izuku's fight with Gentle. The villain recently began fighting All Might's successor as Izuku ran into the baddie before he could sneak into UA Academy. So while all of Class 1-A is having fun, it will fall to Izuku to stave off Gentle until someone else can help him arrest the villain.


Of course, episode 24 takes a sharp turn from Gentle. This title is all about the ranking system which Pro Heroes are scored on. For decades, All Might reigned at the top, but his retirement has left the door open for Endeavor to swoop in. Fans can expect to meet more of the top heroes in this episode before the season four finale ushers in Endeavor's first job as Number One.

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