My Hero Academia Releases Final Poster for Season 4

The time has nearly come for the fourth season of My Hero Academia to close. After rolling out two arcs, things have started to slow down for our favorite Pro Heroes, but there are a few more things left to explore. After all, there are two whole episodes left of the season, and a brand-new poster for season has gone live to honor these last releases.

The artwork surfaced on social media over night, giving fans a better look at Endeavor and a second Pro Hero. After all, the Todoroki stands as the Number One hero in the wake of All Might retiring, so that means a Number Two hero must rise to take his place!

As you can see below, the My Hero Academia poster shows the Flame Hero to the right while Hawks stands to the lefthand side. The pair look more than a little mismatched, but the power shared between them is more than enough to shake villains to their core.

According the Twitter user Aitaikimochi, the poster teases fans here with the text, "Two heroes stands side by side." The promo also gives fans the confirmed premiere dates for the final episodes of season four. The second-to-last will debut on March 28 before the final hits home on April 4.


Of course, My Hero Academia fans are curious to see how these final episodes explore Endeavor and Hawks. The pair are prominent figures in the Pro Hero arc that is upcoming, but fans are hoping the story saves its big fight for season five. If this finale needs to do anything, fans agree it must set up the subtle bromance between the heroes as their relationship promises to be a complicated one.

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