My Hero Academia Season 5 Is Dominating Streaming in Japan

My Hero Academia is moving along with season five at a brisk pace, and its first arc is a hit with fans so far. The story is following Class 1-A and Class 1-B as they take on a joint training mission. With the fandom crowding to watch season five, it makes sense My Hero Academia is one of the top shows in the United States these days, and it is topping Japan as well.

Recently, fans of the anime began buzzing online when Japanese netizens showed off streaming charts overseas. It was there fans stateside got an idea of how popular My Hero Academia is in Japan, and it certainly needs no handicaps there.

Currently, Amazon Prime in Japan has My Hero Academia ranked as its number two show under Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai. The show is beating out plenty of other top-tier shoes on the service, and this can be said for other platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

As for Netflix, the show is ranked second under a hit Korean drama called Vincenzo. The drama has been at the top for some weeks, but My Hero Academia went up a rank along with Crash Landing on You and Rurouni Kenshin Part II: Kyoto Inferno.

Clearly, My Hero Academia is dominating so far as streaming goes, and its cable ratings have held steady. In the United States, a report from Parrot Analytics showed the anime is one of the most in-demand series on U.S. television with Game of Thrones and more. In fact, it is the top-ranking anime series these days as My Hero Academia has taken over the hole left by Attack on Titan's fourth season.


If you want to watch My Hero Academia stateside, you have plenty of options to do so! Funimation has the dub available while Crunchyroll has up-to-date subbed episodes. Hulu is also streaming the series for subscribers. The manga is also available in select stores as well as online through Viz Media's digital vault.

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