My Hero Academia Debuts One of Its Most Horrifying Attacks Yet

My Hero Academia has given fans a thorough look at what the heroes of Class 1-A can do, but the same cannot be said of those in Class 1-B. The students have an intense rivalry that few others have ever known, and fans are learning a lot about the group right now. The anime is all about the two classes given the first arc of season five, and one kid in Class 1-B just shared a truly horrifying power of theirs.

The whole thing went live this week when the most recent episode of My Hero Academia went live. It was there fans watched as Kinoko Komori got to use her quirk in full. The heroine might not be known well to audiences, but her distinct style is hard to mistake. So when Kinoko revealed her quirk was all about mushrooms, her fungal fashion made way more sense.

mha kinoko
(Photo: Bones Inc)

As the episode went on, My Hero Academia fans checked on Kinoko during his battle with Tokoyami and the others. When she uses her quirk for the first time, her mushroom quirk sends spores in every direction. The hardly visible particles made a beeline for Tokoyami before he even realized it. That is how Kinoko got her mushroom spores inside the boy, and Dark Shadow could do nothing to stop what was coming.

Kinoko's spores left mushrooms all over the field, and for Tokoyami, the attack put fungus in his lungs. He was able to fight just fine for most of the match, but things hit a boiling point before long. Tokoyami managed to corner Kinoko once the training match began, but he was knocked out by thin air out of nowhere. Kinoko confirmed the boy passed out from a lack of oxygen due to her mushrooms. It turns out. The fungus grew in his lungs since the area is so humid, and the mushrooms will only have a temporary impact on Tokoyami.


Of course, it doesn't take much to figure out that Kinoko dosed Tokoymai just enough to make him pass out without dying. This takes a lot of control, and you can see how this fungal quirk could kill easily. Obviously, anyone with a mushroom allergy best avoid Kinoko, but no one is ever safe. A simple spore discharge could kill someone from the inside out, so we're giving Kinoko all of the respect she deserves!

What did you think of this surprising attack from Kinoko? Do you think this is one of the worst attacks yet in My Hero Academia...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.