My Hero Academia Art Teams Up Izuku with Mirko at Last

Shockingly enough, Deku and the rabbit hero Mirko have never had an official team-up over the history of My Hero Academia. This might change however in the final arc of the series that sees all hands on deck in battling against the forces of All For One. Now, one of the assistants to mangaka Kohei Horikoshi has united the two popular heroes in a new sketch that we might otherwise have never experienced in the superhero epic. 

Without going too deeply into spoiler territory, fans of the anime adaptation can expect a strong showing from Mirko when the series makes its comeback this fall. With the War Arc being the major storyline in the sixth season of the anime from Studio Bones, the rabbit hero is set to be one of the biggest crime fighters battling against Shigaraki's Paranormal Liberation Front. While the adult-aged crime fighters will have their hands full during this fight in good against evil, the young heroes of Class 1-A will be facing some of the biggest challenges of their lives, and rest assured, not everyone is going to make it out of this conflict between heroes and villains alive.

My Hero Academia artistic assistant Toshinori shared this new artwork via their Official Twitter Account, putting Mirko and Deku side-by-side with the two heroes certainly having worked to perfect their ability to perform some high-flying kicks against countless villains throughout their respective careers:

In the FInal Arc of the manga, Mirko has teamed up with the most popular character of the Shonen series, Bakugo, in an effort to take down Shigaraki. With a number of heroes and villains having already fallen as a result of this battle that will determine the outcome of Hero Society, the heir to All For One remains one of the biggest challenges that Deku and his friends must overcome, with the decaying antagonist perhaps more powerful than his antagonistic teacher. 

Mirko also made an appearance in the spin-off series, My Hero Academia; Vigilantes, recently with the manga diving back into the rabbit hero's past. While it's uncertain whether this side story will eventually receive its own anime adaptation, there are plenty of Mirko fans that would love to see it brought to the small screen.


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