My Hero Academia: Has Bakugo Been Sidelined by Its Final Act?

My Hero Academia's latest chapters have put Katsuki Bakugo through hell in the Final War against Shigaraki, and the latest chapter has made it seem like Bakugo's career as a hero could conceivably be over – both physically and psychologically. Bakugo was forced to step up and battle AFO-Shigaraki during the Final War, after the elaborate aerial cage that Pro Heroes made for the villain fractured and crashed. Even with his powers suppressed, AFO-Shigaraki's enhanced body has had more than enough power to do serious damage to the heroes – Bakugo included. 

(WARNING: My Hero Academia Chapter 360 SPOILERS Follow!) 

In the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, Shigaraki is still brutally thrashing Bakugo. Not only is Shigaraki beating Bakugo down physically, but he's also beating him down mentally, telling him how he plans to kill him and leave his corpse intact enough to traumatize Izuku Midoriya, and that Bakugo will never surpass Deku, but instead remain "a minnow in One For All's wake." 

Bakugo ends up being saved by U.A.'s Big Three, but by the end of the chapter, Best Jeanist is trying to convince Bakugo to quit, but the young man's resolve will not give out, and he looks to be on the brink of a major quirk power awakening. But even with new power, Bakugo won't be able to stop Shigaraki, and may end up in more peril than anything – if not a final big flame-out of his powers. 

So will My Hero Academia sideline Bakugo by the end of the story? It really kind of depends on what the term "Sidelined" means... 

Bakugo's arc has been that of an ambitious and arrogant young man who wants to be the top pro hero learning to be more humble and a team player (if only in his own edgelord way). Fans have been eager to discern how the series will bring Bakugo and Izuku's story (which was really how the series started) full circle by the end. Death flags have been seemingly hanging over Bakugo at several points in the story, but death has similarly always seemed to simple of a twist for the young hero. 

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My Hero Academia started off with the dynamic of Deku being a powerless boy who Bakugo looked down upon; it would be fitting if by the end, Izuku steps forward as an all-powerful hero while Bakugo can't serve anymore – at least in that way. After all, it was Izuku's spirit that made him a hero even before he was given All For One – so Bakugo learning what that spirit truly is and having it be his new lot in life (in a positive, supportive, way and not a tragic one) would be a powerful epilogue to close on. 

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