My Hero Academia Expands the Anime's Fantasy AU in Cute New Sketch

My Hero Academia is currently telling the story of its Final Arc in the pages of its manga, with Kohei Horikoshi highlighting some of the biggest battles to date between the heroes of UA Academy and the villains of the League of Villains. Now, an assistant to the creator of the Shonen franchise, Yoshinori, has taken the opportunity to share a unique take on Deku and Bakugo, taking us back to the fantasy world that saw the heroes of Class 1-A in a very different light.

While there haven't been animated adventures featuring this wild new take on Class 1-A via a spin-off series, or within the episodes of the main anime adaptation, the characters were further explored in a closing sequence within Studio BONES' production. While Deku appears like a noble knight in this alternate universe of fantasy, Bakugo appears in garb that definitely reflects his explosive personality, appearing as a wild man that is seen in the animated sequence riding atop a dragon. While a good number of heroes were represented in this fantasy world, a take on the villains has yet to be released though we would imagine that some of them would look downright terrifying.

The assistant to Kohei Horikoshi, Yoshinori, took the opportunity to share this new artwork of Deku and Bakugo, once again imagining them taking a step away from their lives as superheroes and instead as "protectors of the realm" in this alternate universe that sees dragons and magical beasts running rampant:

Yoshinori has proved to be a major fan of Mirko, the rabbit hero, with countless sketches showing off the high-kicking crime fighter. With the sixth season set to adapt the War Arc, so to will it give Mirko some amazing moments that prove, while she might not currently be a part of UA Academy, she will certainly show how she is considered to be one of the top heroes of Hero Society. 

Do you think we'll see more of this alternate world in My Hero Academia before the series draws to a close in the pages of its manga? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy.