My Hero Academia Poll Proves Mineta Is the Actual Worst

My Hero Academia has a lot of characters, and some of them are more notorious than others. Guys like All Might and Izuku continue to drive buzz with Shigaraki while other fighters have faded into the black. Some of its most popular heroes have climbed the ranks out of goodwill while fans love to hate others. And according to a new poll, well – Mineta has come out as the actual worst character.

Recently, netizens turned to Reddit when a popular poll went live asking for votes. The test asked fans to vote for My Hero Academia's most hated character, so you know the turnout was wild. And after 2000+ votes, the results put Mineta in first place by a landslide.

The Final Results

According to the final numbers, Mineta earned just over 71% of the vote. That means nearly 1,700 of the votes said Mineta was the worst, and honestly? That tracks given the student's gross quips and perverted personality.

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As for the rest of the poll, some interesting picks were compiled. Bakugo came in second place with 6.63% of the votes while All For One came after with 6.25%. Izuku rounded out fourth place before Endeavor took sixth place. Of course, Shigaraki is not listed here as you can see, but he falls in the 'Other' category which came in fifth place.

Clearly, the fans have spoken, and netizens were not afraid to shame Mineta in front of his peers. The character is one of the most controversial in My Hero Academia, after all. By now, the character is just the butt of a joke that has gone on too long. And if you're hated significantly more than All For One, you are doing something wrong...

Do you agree with this fan poll? Does My Hero Academia need to cut Mineta loose or...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.