My Hero Academia Fan Lights Up with Femme Endeavor Cosplay

My Hero Academia fans have a love-hate take on Endeavor that never quits. The series did the Pro Hero no favors when Endeavor came around given his past with Shoto. These days, the series has done its best to redeem Endeavor with some touching turns, and that has left fans split over how to approach the fiery hero. But for one such fan on Instagram, they decided the best way to approach the hero is through a stunning femme cosplay.

It wasn't long ago that the user Captain Keller shared their version of Endeavor for all to see. The cosplayer put up their femme version of Endeavor which includes some thigh-high boots and a sexy singlet.

"Endeavor says stay inside and wash your hands," Captain Keller shared. "Quarantine has been really rough, It's been two weeks since I left my house. I've been keeping busy though with school, animal crossing and make up. Hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe."

As you can imagine, the My Hero Academia cosplay seen above has put a smile on fans' faces. The look is a total departure from what Endeavor looks like in the anime. This femme cosplay slims down the Pro Hero into something more lithe, but it finds a unique way to bring Endeavor's flames to life.

With a long red wig falling over their shoulders, the fan rocks this cosplay with a long-sleeved singlet. This high-cut piece is cinched in at the waist and features a pair of metallic arm cuffs. The final touch comes with some tight red boots which cosplayers everywhere are envious over.

This femme take on Endeavor may seem delicate to some, but it comes off plenty fierce thanks to its cosplayer. Captain Keller is serving looks here which rival those given by Best Jeanist, so we're here for whatever My Hero Academia look they want to do next!

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