'My Hero Academia' Creator Comments On Its Big Movie Debut

My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi posted some remarks on the trailer for Two Heroes on Twitter last Friday, revealing how emotional it had made him.

"This PV [Promotional Video] is dangerous," read the automated Microsoft translation of Horikoshi's tweet. "I emotion in the action of Iida for some reason. The first time I got out of tears in PV. I want to see early."

The post was made on Friday, Jul 27, less than a week before the movie's big premiere. As it made its way onto other social media, Reddit user Signmachine offered a more direct translation of his words.

"This PV is crazy," it read. "For some reason I was super impressed with Iida's action scenes. This is the first time a PV has made me cry. I can't wait to see it."

The tweets were made in reference to a teaser that Horikoshi had retweeted beforehand -- one of the last to tease My Hero Academia: The Movie - Two Heroes before its debut. The movie hit theaters in Japan on Friday, Aug. 3 to overwhelmingly positive reviews. At the time of this writing, it has 99% positive reactions on Google with nine out of ten stars on IMDb, although that is only based on 22 total votes.

Still, it looks like the movie is as big a hit as the series itself so far. Unfortunately, it will be nearly two months before American audiences can see it for themselves. The movie is getting a special five-day-long run in theaters in the U.S. on Sep. 25, 26, 27, 29 and Oct. 2. The showings on Sep. 25, 27 and 29 will reportedly feature the English dubbed audio, while the others will have Japanese dialogue with English subtitles.

The official Two Heroes website lists the 400+ North American theaters that have scheduled screenings of the movie. The plot centers around a field trip for Class 1-A, while All Might and Midoriya take their own trip to a mysterious island, where researchers want to gather information on their shared quirk.

"After the end of the climatic Final Exams, the U.A. Class members head off to their school field trip for Summer break," a synopsis reads. "However, before they head off to the school field trip, All Might and Deku accept an invitation from someone to go abroad to a floating and mobile manmade city, called 'I Island.' All researchers in the world, from both East and West, are gathered in this place, known as the Hollywood of Science, where they research quirks as well as hero supplemental items at the special 'I Expo' convention that is currently being held on the island."

"This is where Deku meets the quirkless girl, Melissa. Melissa also is like him, quirkless. Deku is able to connect with Melissa by recalling when he too was quirkless. During that time, suddenly, despite an iron wall of security surrounding the island, the system is breached by a villain who hacked into it! The people living on the island are all taken hostage! Now, the Hero Association needs to act quickly to deploy their unshakable 'Plan' or else―! The only person who can grasp that key, is none other than the Number One Hero, All Might!"