My Hero Academia Fan Pitches the Perfect LEGO Minifigs for the Big Three

My Hero Academia is one of the biggest anime titles out there, and it has enough merchandise to prove it. From clothes to figures, it isn't hard to start collecting things focused on the anime. Now, it seems LEGO is getting in on the series in an unofficial way thanks to one fan, and it is all thanks to their custom minifigs.

Over on Twitter, the user VivixMolina got fans buzzing when they posted some of their recent art. As a LEGO lover, the fan posted concept art of the Big Three in minifig form as you can see further down below. And it should come as no surprise that My Hero Academia fans are obsessed with the makeover.

To the left, fans can find Lemillion in all of his costumed glory. The boy is rocking his white-and-red suit, and the piece captures all of Mirko's gold and blue accents. A set of chiseled abs have been drawn on the figure's torso, and with a cape at the back, Mirio looks ready to fight.

The same can be said for Tamaki Amajiki in the middle and Nejire Hardo to the right. The former, who is also known as the hero Suneater, looks shy thanks to his figure's expression. But when it comes to his outfit, this minifig design perfectly recreates all of its intricacies. Tamaki is even rocking sheer purple visors and a white cape just as he does in the anime.


As for Nejire, the hero looks gorgeous thanks to her design's headpiece. The rest of her design is filled out perfectly with a canon-friendly suit. The heroine even has some energy pooling around her hands and feet as usual, so you can see why fans are loving these DIY looks. After all, there is no My Hero Academia LEGO kit in sight despite there being a market for one. And until that need is filled, artists like VivixMolina will keep fans satiated.

What do you think about these custom builds? What other landmarks from My Hero Academia need a build like this? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.