My Hero Academia, Please Give Us a Vigilante Deku Movie

My Hero Academia is moving into the second half of season six, and that means things are about to get dark. Like, way darker than we have seen the show go before. Following the devastating raid against Shigaraki, all of society is scrambling, and our heroes are suffering the brunt of the aftermath. In fact, the anime is about to show just how badly its world has deteriorated since the raid, and honestly? We'd be down for My Hero Academia to make a movie about the whole thing.

Obviously, season six is underway right now, and its upcoming episodes will lay the scene. Hero society is crumbling under pressure from All For One, and there are fewer pros than ever to fight back. We have seen just how tense things are, and manga readers know Izuku will go off the deep end once the public finds itself ravaged by villains. It won't be long before the anime kickstarts his rogue era, and Vigilante Deku would make for an excellent movie.

Just think about it, okay? There is more than enough drama to keep the movie going, and of course, Deku would make all of his fight sequences interesting with his various quirks. There are few things more compelling than a hero on the run, and his sense of duty becomes the only thing that drives Izuku. In a lot of ways, the hero becomes akin to Batman during his Dark Deku arc, and we know audiences eat up that sort of angst with ease.

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There is also the fact My Hero Academia spent far less time with Dark Deku than it should have. We got to see our hero tackle a few major fights while he was on the lamb, but fans still say they need more. Izuku's character was fundamentally changed while out on his own, and his time as a vigilante grew his powers immensely. There are a ton of moments featuring the vestiges we missed, and that doesn't even consider what all was going on a UA High School. This blank period deserves to be filled in, and My Hero Academia could fill in the gap with a film.

Obviously, we know how this arc ends, but the next My Hero Academia movie owes it to us all to revisit the unseen pieces of Dark Deku. The character remains one of the most compelling in the anime, and manga readers mourn what they weren't able to see experience with the hero. Surely the anime team can come up with a flashback at the very least when My Hero Academia returns to the big screen. And if it wants to set a whole movie during this dark arc, well – you will not see any of us complaining. 

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