My Hero Academia Debuts Deku's Newest Hero Gear

My Hero Academia's fourth season has reached its final batch of episodes, and the latest episode of the anime in particular brought the Cultural Festival arc to its climax as Izuku Midoriya began his battle with Gentle Criminal. But like the other arcs of the series thus far that have seen Deku grow in various ways, this episode also featured a Deku who had capitalized on all of his growth and improvements so far to take on his first real villainous threat as a lone provisionally licensed pro hero. But it wasn't entirely alone considering his new support item.

Episode 84 of the anime finally gives Deku a set of new gloves to go along with his slick iron soled shoes as Mei Hatsume finally completed her latest support item for him. This item was actually first animated in the My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising feature film, but now fans of the anime have the all important context to the new gear.

Asking Hatsume to develop a piece of gear that would better help him utilize the air pressure he gives off with his new 20 percent of One For All milestone, the gloves she developed actually compress the air into one area and allows him to use that air pressure like focused shots with flicks of his finger.

Making sure the design of his gloves matched well with the rest of his costume, fans can see Hatsume put quite a bit of work into these support gloves alongside her own Cultural Festival work. Seeing them in action is also impressive as his gloves have a cool recoil effect every time Deku builds up air with each finger flick.


The fight against Gentle sees Deku fighting in his everyday clothes, so we have yet to see the result of Deku's power with both of his support items in tow. But as he continues to grow in power, this might not be the only way his costume will change as the series goes forward! But what do you think?

What do you think of Izuku Midoriya's newest piece of hero gear? How does it pair together with the rest of his hero costume thus far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!