My Hero Academia: Why Are Fans Living For Endeavor's New Arc?

The War Arc might be over in My Hero Academia's sixth season, but the heroes' troubles are far from over as the villains are just getting started in their goal of taking down Hero Society. The fight against Shigaraki and his goons resulted in several heroes laid up in the hospital, including the number one hero Endeavor. With a major bombshell regarding Dabi's identity affecting Endeavor most of all, anime fans are rallying when it comes to Enji Todoroki and the path that he has waiting for him.

Endeavor definitely won't be winning any father of the year awards when it comes to his style of parenting, putting Toya, Shoto, and his other children through the wringer in an attempt to forge them into heroes that could overtake All Might. With Toya Todoroki unable to harness his mother's Quirk, mastery of ice, in a similar way as his brother Shoto, his training had been shoved to the side by Endeavor in favor of the "new kid on the block". In attempting to create a flame that could surpass his father's, Toya suffered an accident that birthed the villainous Dabi and set the stage for the traumatic events currently befalling the Todoroki Clan.

Punished Endeavor

In the latest episode of My Hero Academia's anime adaptation, Endeavor found himself unable to commit to fighting his fallen son, leading the way for a Todoroki family reunion while also placing the burden of the major confrontation on Shoto, Class 1-A's "Fire Ice" Hero:

Since becoming the new number-one hero following All Might's retirement from the front lines, Endeavor has struggled with connecting with the general public, as being the "Symbol of Peace" required much more than being a powerhouse. With the Paranormal War Arc shattering Japan's trust in their protectors, both Endeavor and UA Academy are going to have to make some difficult decisions in the future as they grapple with the escaped villains and a populace that isn't too keen on their decisions.

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