My Hero Academia Is About to Reunite Aizawa with an Old Foe

My Hero Academia fans know the series has just a few absolute truths, and one of them is to never mess with Shoto Aizawa. He may not seem like it, but Eraserhead is one of the most tenacious pros in the game. It is hard to imagine a time when Aizawa wasn't on the top of his game, but every hero had to start somewhere. And now, My Hero Academia is ready to reunite Eraserhead with a face he might not be eager to see again…

My Hero Academia drew Eraserhead into this big reunion when its prequel put out a new chapter. It was there fans watched Aizawa as he helped his favorite vigilante run away from a massive fire-coated villain. The pair have no choice but to run given the villain's wild power, but they could use a ride... like ASAP.

They might not get a lift by the end of My Hero Academia: Vigilante's new chapter, but the update confirms one is on the way. Present Mic, who is also known as Aizawa's best friend, manages to convince Sensoji to give him a ride. The latter seems to give the ride begrudgingly, but Mister Blaster cannot ignore the call for help and heads to battle with his Buster Union.

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Now, if the name Sensoji sounds familiar, that is a good thing. After all, My Hero Academia let fans meet the hero a while back as he was in class with Aizawa at U.A. High School. During their teens, Sensoji and Aizawa rarely saw eye to eye and even got in fights during training exercises. As you can imagine, this kept the pair from being close, but it seems even Sensoji can rise above in situations like this. If Aizawa and his vigilante cannot get a ride, they will be fried, and not even Mister Blaster can let that happen. 

What do you make of Sensoji's return to the My Hero Academia franchise? Do you think Aizawa will get on better with his former classmates these days? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.