My Hero Academia Cosplay Unveils The Ultimate Tag Team With Eraserhead And Present Mic

Perhaps there are no two heroes who are more mismatched than Eraserhead and Present Mic, and a pair of cosplayers have taken the two teachers of UA Academy from My Hero Academia and brought them to life with some truly flashy attire. With the current story line of the Paranormal Liberation War putting both of these mentors into a dire situation that sees both of them changed for the rest of their lives, we're crossing our fingers that these two long time fans are able to come out of this titanic fight between heroes and villains alive and kicking!

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is a spin-off series that focuses on a world outside of UA Academy, following heroes that operate outside of the law such as Crawler and Pop Step, but it also took the opportunity to show us the early lives of Eraserhead and Present Mic during their time as students. With Aizawa learning to harness the power of his Quirk that can temporarily stop the powers of his targets, he became one of the most valuable heroes in the roster of My Hero Academia. While Present Mic might not be as strong as Eraserhead, his sonic powers definitely have come in handy during the war against the League of Villains!

Instagram Cosplayer Vega_Mcree shared this pair of crime fighters from UA Academy, presenting some new cosplay for both Eraserhead and Present Mic in My Hero Academia:

In the pages of the manga, Eraserhead has been essentially crippled thanks in part to the machinations of Shigaraki, who has inherited the power of All For One. With so many casualties on both the side of heroes and villains in the Paranormal Liberation War, we're hoping that these two teachers have a long future ahead of them!

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