My Hero Academia Debuts Thirteen's Full Body Design

My Hero Academia has introduced plenty of mysteries over the years in both its manga and anime, with one of the most notable being what lay beneath the helmet of the top hero known as Thirteen. With the War Arc and its fallout giving us a peek under what lies beneath the mask, the upcoming volume of Kohei Horikoshi's manga has not only shown us Thirteen without her crime-fighting suit, but also taken us into her personality and what she enjoys outside of the world of superherodom. 

This actually wouldn't be the first time that we've seen Thirteen unmasked, with a chapter taking place in the manga following the War Arc that saw the normally helmeted crime-fighter losing her face covering as a result of her battle against the High-End Nomu and the forces backing All For One. With the War Arc set to take place in the upcoming sixth season that will be arriving this fall, expect Thirteen to make an appearance as Shigaraki and his new forces in the Paranormal Liberation Front attempt to end hero society and take down the heroes once and for all.

Twitter User Atsushi101x shared the new look at Thirteen from the upcoming volume of My Hero Academia's manga, not only giving us an idea of what the hero with a Quirk that allows her to create a faux-blackhole, but also diving into her character in general, sharing details about her interests outside of the world of crime-fighting and how the War Arc affected her career:

The world of UA Academy has rarely seen times as dark as they are now, with the War Arc netting the heroes a win, but costing them to a point wherein hero society is coming apart at the seams. With professional heroes such as Thirteen stretched to their limit in the pages of the manga, Deku has needed to step up, moving from fire to fire as he pushes his Quirk, One For All, to the limit. With Midoriya taking on a decidedly darker appearance, the protagonist of the series is only now starting to take a breather and rely on his friends once again as UA Academy plans to attack the League of Villains head-on.

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