My Hero Academia Channels Silent Hill in New Halloween Art

By now, it is no secret that the creator of My Hero Academia loves holidays. Kohei Horikoshi is always ready to celebrate when the season is right, and of course, that includes Halloween. That is why the artist dropped a brand-new piece of art today on fans, and terrifyingly enough, it gives Class 1-A a solid Silent Hill crossover.

As you can see below, Horikoshi posted the art to his Twitter as a way to celebrate Halloween with fans. It is there you can see characters like Jirou and Uraraka dressed in fairly inconspicuous costumes. But when it comes to Kirishima, well – that is not the truth.

Who's Who?

Clearly, Horikoshi felt it was time to give Kirishima a villain's welcome, and that is why he introduced Red Riot to Silent Hill. The character is dressed up as Pyramid Head here which is absolutely terrifying. The character is known as one of horror's most recognizable figures, and Kirishima seems to have a victim on a leash in this shot.

And who might that be? Well, the poor sucker is none other than Bakugo. The hot-headed hero is dressed as a muzzled werewolf, and he's wearing a collar. The accessory has been leased by Kirishima, and of course, Izuku can do nothing but laugh while in his Frankenstein look. And if you look in the background, you will find Shinso out of costume in a denim look that fans can't help but love.

Clearly, Class 1-A gets into the holiday spirit in October, and their Halloween looks in 2022 could not be more different. Kirishima better win his grade's costume contest because the detail on Pyramid Head is too good to overlook. So really, let's just be glad Red Riot picked this costume rather than Dabi or Shigaraki.

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