My Hero Academia Shows Out Impressive Kotobukiya All Might Statue

All Might has time and time again earned his place as the 'Symbol of Peace' within the universe of [...]

All Might has time and time again earned his place as the "Symbol of Peace" within the universe of My Hero Academia, and the statue makers at Kotobuikya have worked to create one of the most stunning, and affordable, statues of the blond haired, smiling hero that will look great on the shelves of any fan of UA Academy. With the anime franchise focusing on the passing of the Quirk of One For All from All Might to his student in Midoriya, the former number one hero has proved himself time and time again by saving more civilians than we can count!

My Hero Academia's four seasons have focused on a new generation of heroes attempting to learn as much as they can in their bid to become professional heroes, with UA Academy acting as the university that does its best to keep good winning over evil! In the anime's third season, All Might's status as the number one hero changed significantly following his life or death battle against the evil version of himself in All For One. With his evil counterpart stealing Quirks to increase his own strength, it took everything that All Might had to take him down and was forced into "retirement" as he is just barely able to access his power moving forward.

The Kotobukiya Statue of My Hero Academia's All Might has a release window in the fourth quarter of this year, 2020, and will be available to fans of the popular franchise via the statue sellers at Sideshow Collectibles for $105 USD, making for an affordable addition to any My Hero Academia fan's collection!

Side Show All Might
(Photo: Kotobukiya)

In the latest story arc of My Hero Academia's manga, the Paranormal Liberation War, All Might has been decidedly absent in the giant battle between heroes and villains. Though obviously, jumping in without his full powers would make for a difficult situation for him, but considering the dire straits that the heroes find themselves in with the Paranormal Liberation Front's insane strength, they could certainly use all the help they can get. With All Might's death being teased time and time again, this might be the story that is able to finally put the nail in the coffin for the one time "Symbol of Peace".

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