My Hero Academia Welcomes "Darker Days" in New Arc

Izuku Midoriya has been through more than most kids his age, and he is still battle the thick of things. If you did not know, the manga has put our hero on his wildest ride yet as of late, and it has changed him for good. In light of a failed raid on the villains, All For One is loose while most of society is now in shambles. And if you were to ask One For All, well - the darker days of history are back once again.

The whole thing was laid out plainly in the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia. Fans watched as distrust and racism ran rampant in society's few fringes. With most people in Tokyo under quarantine, those who stayed behind have adopted martial law as villains run unchecked through the streets. Izuku is doing his best to cull the danger solo, but the former inheritors of One For All admit this is a job for many.

My Hero Academia Timeskip Izuku Midoriya New Look Spoilers
(Photo: Shueisha)

"It's like we've slid back in time to darker days," one of the former users tells Izuku. "Waiting with bated breath, hoping not to stand out. Just like back during the advent of the exceptional... The world's easy pickings for the bad guys!"

The picture painted of Japan at this moment is a dire one. All For One has made few attempts to come out of hiding since he escaped his cell, and the same goes for Shigaraki. Izuku has been taking down rogue villains in the city who have been empowered more than ever. With few heroes able to do anything under these changes, it has fallen to Izuku to go rogue for society's safety. Even All Might seems scared of how uncertain the future seems to be. But if Izuku has anything to say, society will find a better normal soon once he gets strong enough to face One For All.

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