My Hero Academia Creator Shares When He Began Working Towards its Final Act

My Hero Academia's creator opened up about when he began working towards the Final Act of the series! The original manga release of the series is now in a more intense stage than ever as the series officially kicked off what it is calling its "Final Act." Though the actual ending for the series may still be some time away as there's no clear indication of how long this final stage of the series will continue, but it's become much clearer than ever that the pieces are now coming together for the endgame.

In a new interview with series creator Kohei Horikoshi in the pages of the newest edition of Jump GIGA magazine in Japan (as translated by @RukasuMHA and shared by @Atsushi101X on Twitter), the creator opened up about the future of the series with the start of this Final Act. When asked about when the creator started planning for this final phase of the series, Horikoshi revealed that while he had a general idea early on the true planning started in full during the end of the Pro Hero arc.

My Hero Academia Final Act Izuku Midoriya One For All
(Photo: Shueisha)

When asked about whether or not the beginning of the Final Act was something Horikoshi had been planning for a while, Horikoshi explained that the planning kicked in somewhat long ago, "I had it vaguely planned, but started to think about the specifics around Volume 21, in the Endeavor vs. High-End fight." So this stage of Endeavor truly sliding into the top hero spot seems to be when Horikoshi started solidifying how the series is going to look at its end.

As for that ending, Horikoshi confirmed once more that he indeed has decided on what the end of the series will look like, "The path to it has been longer than I initially expected, but the main elements that I've decided before starting the series are still the same." Horikoshi once went on record stating that the final battle of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising used a plan he had in mind for the ending before, so now it's just a matter of seeing how the main series tops that or shakes it up with different key players!


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