My Hero Academia Unpacks New Part of All Might's Pre-Quirk Past

My Hero Academia Chapter 397 shares a new look into All Might's first meeting with his master, Nana Shimura.

My Hero Academia is now working its way through the final fight between All Might and All For One in the manga, and the newest chapter of the series has started to unpack a new part of All Might's past before he got One For All! My Hero Academia's final war between the heroes and villains have been getting settled one after another with the final battles reaching their respective ends, and now the focus has shifted back to the final fight against All For One as All Might uses a new armor suit in order to get into the fight one last time

My Hero Academia has been showcasing All Might's final fight with All For One, and it looks remarkably different than fans ever could have expected as the armored All Might is taking on a younger form All For One. But while the outsides of each of them has changed, inside they are very much still the same as All Might knows just how to push the villain's buttons. At the same time, thoughts of All Might's past have begun to cross his mind as he thinks back to one of the first times he came face to face with his master, Nana Shimura. 

My Hero Academia's New All Might Flashback

My Hero Academia Chapter 397 sees All Might hitting All For One with everything his new armor suit has to offer, and All For One tells All Might that he only has as long as his suit will last him. It's here that All Might remembers a moment from his past where he was charging towards a group of villains with a lead pipe, only for Nana Shimura to most likely take down the villains with ease and question what the young Toshinori was planning to do with that pipe. It's a full circle kind of moment for All Might as he has been thinking about Nana this entire time. 

The fight started with Nana entering both All Might and All For One's minds as he made sure to keep his smile visible even under the new suit of armor, and it reminded the both of them of how Nana Shimura once fought. These flashbacks also carry a bit of melancholy with them, however, as there's a very strong chance All Might could be reunited with his master within One For All's power should he not make it out of this fight with All For One alive

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