My Hero Academia Reveals All Might's New Iron Man Suit Powers

My Hero Academia Chapter 396 reveals the tricks and powers hidden with All Might's new Iron Man like armor suit.

My Hero Academia just unleashed All Might's new Iron Man like armor suit, and the newest chapter of the My Hero Academia revealed the powers, tricks and gadgets All Might built into it for his final fight against All For One! The final war between the heroes and villains has been reaching the end of one massive fight after another in the latest chapters of the series, and the last time we had seen All Might he was getting ready for what felt like his final stand against All For One. But he was ready with a mysterious new armored weapon

All Might was making his last stand against the now much younger version of All For One, and was seen using a briefcase that turned into a suit of armor in the previous My Hero Academia chapters. Now as the newest chapter of the My Hero Academia manga finally shifts the focus back to this fight, it's revealed that All Might has actually forged a full Iron Man like suit for himself with all sorts of weapons and buffs built in that callback to each of the Quirks from his Class 1-A students. 

MHA: What Is All Might's Iron Man Suit?

My Hero Academia Chapter 396 reveals Armored All Might, where All might now has a power suit of his own as his vehicle Hercules acts as a support item. All Might might fight in his classic style (with a shield that acts sort of how like Eijiro Kirishima's armor just blasts through opponents), but it's revealed to be a way to get All For One to lower his guard. Armored All Might has his own version of Izuku Midoriya's Blackwhip and traps All For One before sending electricity through it with his own version of Denki Kaminari's Chargebolt quirk. 

Armored All Might then uses Hanta Sero's Cellophane and Rikido Sado's Sugar Rush before combining them into a Shoot Style Smash as he's seen Izuku use in the past. It goes to show how much All Might has been learning from his students all while they learned from his experience. But it's an armor that won't last for long, so All Might needs to somehow defeat All For One quickly before his luck runs out. 

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