My Hero Academia Gives Status Update on Its Top 10 Pro Heroes

It wasn't long ago that My Hero Academia welcomed a new wave of pros into its list of top heroes. The retirement of All Might put unprecedented scrutiny on the Hero Society, and the billboard charts tried to mitigate the fallout by assembling its newly created Top Ten Heroes. But thanks to the manga's ongoing arc, some of the list's heroes are hurting bad, and it is about time we got a status update on the pros.

Over on Twitter, the translator of My Hero Academia took the time to round up a list of all the top heroes currently. It was there Caleb Cook made note of how each hero was faring, and the situation report is anything but comforting.

After all, the Raid arc has been brutal, and there is no getting around its heavy kill count. The manga has offed a number of pro heroes as of late, and the nation's top heroes were not immune to such a fate.

my hero acadmia top heroes
(Photo: Bones Inc)

While the number one hero is still standing thanks to Endeavor, the same cannot be said for everyone else. Hawks was roasted alive by Dabi to the point his wings burnt off. There is no word on how Best Jeanist is faring, but the last time fans saw the hero he was put in a body bag by Hawks. My Hero Academia fans are hopeful the hero is still alive, but there is no guarantee on that front any longer.

As for the fourth hero, Edgeshot is missing in action after his fight with Re-Destro. The baddie transformed to fight the ninja hero, so there is no telling how that fight went down. On the other hand, Mirko's status is known, and she is bleeding out on death's door. The heroine had two limbs ripped off by Nomu after she snuck into the lab Shigaraki was being held in before his abrupt awakening. It is hard to imagine her surviving her wounds, but if Mirko does pull through, fans are certain her Pro Hero days are over.

As for our number six hero, Crust is dead. The hero sacrificed his life to save Aizawa from being decayed by Shigaraki. Kamui Woods is currently down for the count after being burnt to a crisp, and the word is out on Wash since the hero was last seen standing before Shigaraki's first wave of decay.

The number nine hero was last shown fighting Geten, so fans are hoping Yoroi Musha is doing alright. The same cannot be said for number ten as Ryukyu was her hands mangled by Shigaraki despite being in dragon form at the time. And as Cook notes, Gang Orca appears to be out of the game as the number twelve hero was seemingly trampled while trying to stop Gigantomachia.


When you look at this list, you can see just how badly this Raid arc has gone for the heroes. Many of society's top role models are either dead, crippled, or gravely injured. It goes without saying things cannot return to normal after this arc wraps, and fans are scared to see where My Hero Academia will go next.

Are you surprised by the damage done to this list's heroes? Can My Hero Academia ever recover from the loss? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.