My Hero Academia Reveals How Toya Accidentally Faked His Death

My Hero Academia has been working through a lot in its manga, and that trend carried forward this week with a new chapter. The series made sure to keep track of the Todoroki clan as the family is working through some serious drama. In fact, the subplot has bloomed into a full-on thread involving Toya, and this latest chapter dove deep into that story by showing how Toya seemingly died all those years ago.

The moment was broken down at the end of chapter 302. The update was emotional from the start as it gave fans a clear depiction of how abusive Endeavor grew to be. His marriage and paternal status crumbled before Toya even hit high school, and things only got worse from there. In fact, Endeavor nailed the end of his relationship with Toya when he scolded his son for training solo, and the fallout from there left the boy charred.

My Hero Academia 301 Spoilers Toya Todoroki Dabi Origin

As it turns out, Toya continued to train atop his mountainside field even after Endeavor forced him to stop. The secret mission left Toya totally disillusioned with his family, and his boiling emotions couldn't be held in. It did not take long for Toya to realize that his fire becomes more intense when he is worked up, so his burdens made for great kindling. When Toya decided to let loose, the boy created an inferno on the mountainside that he could not end. He was caught in the middle of it all, and Toya survived only to run away when the blaze settled down.

My Hero Academia suggests Toya didn't mean to start the blaze, but it gave him a good out. Endeavor moved his obsession to Shoto while Toya slunk deep into the underground. Now, this neglect has come back to haunt the Todoroki family as Toya is fully dedicated to his life as Dabi, and it will take the whole clan to stop the villain.

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