My Hero Academia Teased THAT Mirio Moment Earlier This Year

My Hero Academia knows how to drop a surprise on fans, and it did so with abandon this past weekend. The series caught plenty by surprise when it was revealed a certain hero was back in the game. The revelation has continued to prompt questions in the fandom, and those questions have led to a big discovery. After all, it turns out the manga foreshadowed this comeback awhile back, and we are just now noticing it.

The moment in question was pointed out on Twitter by Caleb Cook, the official translator of My Hero Academia. The English translator posted a thread about chapter 292 following its debut, and it was there they shared a still from chapter 276, and it shows that Eri likely gave Mirio the ability to access his power.

If you will remember, Mirio had his quirk taken from him when he went to rescue Eri from Overhaul several arcs back. He was shot with a bullet that used genetic material from Eri to forcefully rewind his quirk into nonexistence. It was always suggested that Mirio would reawaken his quirk once Eri was able to rewind that erasure from ever happening. And according to chapter 276, that is what happened.

The previous My Hero Academia chapter showed Eri sitting with All Might as the pair watched the raid arc unfold on screen. The girl had a very tiny horn at that point which means she must have used her quirk. Prior to this chapter, Eri's horn was larger, and she had said it was feeling weird. It seems likely that her quirk discharged, and the end result gave Mirio his powers back. Now, he has suited up once more as Lemillion, and fans have never been so happy to see the PO-WER hero!

Did you notice this moment back when it went down? Or did you only put it together this week...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.