My Hero Academia Quirks Bypass Shigaraki's Horrifying New Powers

My Hero Academia has given us one of the most hard hitting and terrifying story lines to date with [...]

My Hero Academia has given us one of the most hard hitting and terrifying story lines to date with the recent chapters of its manga as Shigaraki has joined the battle between heroes and villains, and while the leader of the League of Villains has the heroes on the ropes, some quirks have managed to find their way around his devastating new attacks. As the Paranormal Liberation War claims more casualties on both the hero and villain side of the confrontation, the professional heroes are going to need all the help they can get with the odds stacked against them!

Warning! If you haven't had the chance to catch up with My Hero Academia's manga, you may want to avoid the rest of this article as we'll be diving into spoiler territory!

Shigaraki has awakened, becoming the new inheritor of the quirk of All For One, and with a number of new Quirks being added to his own, his original power to decay anything he touches has been amplified multiple times over. With his Decay Quirk eliminating heroes like Crust and X-Less, to name a few, it appears that anything within a certain distance of the leader of the League of Villains can potentially be eliminated. However, it seems as though two heroes who aren't a part of Class 1-A have found ways to work around the destructive force of the young vilain. The unlikely heroes of Wash and Pixie-Bob seemingly can avoid Shigaraki's Decay, albeit for potentially only a limited time, by using their own Quirks to balance it out!

Twitter User CDCCubed discovered the manga panels that show Wash floating civilians to safety using her bubbles that come from her frame which is reminiscent of a washer, while Pixie-Bob is able to manipulate the earth beneath her, seemingly cutting off Shigaraki's power for a limited amount of time as well:

With Shigaraki having only just awoken, there are clearly going to be more casualties to come within the Paranormal Liberation War before the end of this latest arc is through!

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