My Hero Academia's Movie Manga Makes Hellboy, Iron Man Nods

If you did not know, My Hero Academia stepped out with a new chapter this weekend, and it was not for the main series. No, a special chapter was released by Kohei Horikoshi in honor of the upcoming My Hero Academia movie. The film, which debuts in Japan this month, will show Izuku undergo an international mission with high stakes. And now, its tie-in manga has made some clever nods to several superheroes we've found in Western comics.

The references really come at the end of the new chapter once Izuku and his friends prove themselves to Endeavor. The boy managed to land a hit on the pro hero with help from Bakugo and Todoroki. As they met their goal, the three were given permission to take part in the covert mission detailed in My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission. But first, they need new gear.

Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at 4.08.01 PM
(Photo: Shueisha)

The boys are brought in to a secret base where they are told special gear will be made for them. It is there chases are shown with familiar costumes, and some of them hail from comic books in the real world. Or at the very least, the My Hero Academia suits are inspired by the Western titles.

For one, Hellboy gets a solid reference as the titular hero's Right Hand of Doom is shown. From its bolts to its shape, the glove is a ringer for the one Hellboy rocks, but there is just one thing off. Obviously, Hellboy's glove has fewer fingers, but it is hard to ignore the similarities beyond that.

Fans are also wondering if Horikoshi snuck in a nod to Iron Man here. In the leftmost display case, a suit of armor can be seen standing tall. The helmet's faceplate brought to life comparison with Iron Man, and the suit's triangular chest plate only fanned the flame. So while Iron Man might not exist in the My Hero Academia Universe, well - someone out there is rocking a suit similar to his!


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