My Hero Academia Stirs Up Debate Over All For One's Best Quirk

My Hero Academia has one of the biggest fandoms in anime, and its focus is on the manga right now. If you didn't know, the anime team is working on season six while creator Kohei Horikoshi keeps his weekly manga release on schedule. In the past year, My Hero Academia has drawn further into its final saga, and a big war is about to go down. That's because All For One is back in action, but one of his best quirks has fallen under scrutiny.  

The ordeal came to light this week courtesy of a new manga update. Chapter 343 went live the other day, and it was there All For One droned on about one of his favorite quirks. The power is meant to make him invulnerable to lies, but it seems our heroes found a loophole.

"Lies do no work on me. When a person possesses even the slightest malicious intent toward me, I know," All For One shared.

As it turns out, All For One absorbed a quirk years ago that somehow tells him when someone is lying to him. The villain even teased the power came from a friend of All Might and their bloodline. After all, we know Detective Tsukauchi has a sister with a similar skill, so All For One must have nabbed the power from one of the siblings' ancestors.

Given how confident All For One is about this power, My Hero Academia fans were stunned how easily it was broken. All For One got verified intel from Aoyama's parents and the boy himself about Izuku, but it ended up blowing in his face. Even the baddie was shocked by the turnaround given his quirk, but All For One was bound to make a mistake before long. Aoyama's parents may have been kept in the dark, but their son and Izuku played a good game to circumnavigate the lie detector quirk. And now, All For One's army is going to bear the brunt of those consequences. 

What do you make of this handy little quirk? Do you have a guess as to why All For One missed this trick? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.