My Hero Academia Finally Shares All For One's True Goal

All For One has become a huge thorn in the side for fans of My Hero Academia. The villain has put some of our favorite heroes out of commission, and his subversive ideals have turned the story upside down. These days, the manga is dedicated to stopping All For One, and fans weren't sure why exactly the villain was set on destroying society. But thanks to a little lesson, well – we know everything now.

The update was given when My Hero Academia shared its newest chapter. Fans watched as Izuku and Aoyama were united once more, and the latter ended up making everyone proud. Before Aoyama chose which side to fight for, he did give Izuku an important lesson, and it informed fans as well about All For One's goal.

According to Aoyama, the current state of Japan has put the world in chaos. The devaluation of the Japanese yen was enough to send global economics into a spiral, and that isn't even counting the sudden uprising of villains all over the world.

"The world faces a crisis much like the Great Depression or the period around the advent of quirks," Aoyama shared. He went on to say that as the world declines, resources will begin to become scarce. Things like potable water and gas will be at a premium until there is no one left to provide it. And that, you see, is where All For One comes in.

"As the world is plunged into this state of chaotic decline, we suddenly have an arena ripe for a certain remarkable individual to take the initiative," Aoyama explained. "He would become the world's arbiter, its very own demon lord."

As you can see, All For One has had this idea in mind for decades, and he nearly reached the goal when quirks first came onto the scene. The thing that stopped him all those years ago was One For All, and now the villain is determined to snuff the quirk out for good. But with so many pro heroes in the wings, Izuku is ready to head into battle and show the world how unfit All For One really is. 

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