Fierce My Hero Academia Cosplay Highlights Season 4's New Star

My Hero Academia's fourth season is set to debut in just a few days, and fans from all over are more excited to see its debut than ever! It's a great time to be a fan of the anime as it's going to enter the Shie Hassakai arc, which pits Izuku Midoriya and a few others against a new group of villains all in order to save an important little girl. This new star for the season, Eri, will play a pivotal role in the flow of the battle between these two forces, and now has a new cosplay radiating that same amount of "protecc energy."

Cosplay artists @memphischibi_cosplay (who you can find on Instagram here) describes themselves as a "family of makers supporting our daughter's favorite new hobby and love of cosplay" and if all the results are just as fierce and adorable as this Eri cosplay, then there's a bright future ahead of this family!

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Eri is a major player in the Shie Hassakai arc, and is far more integral to the events of it than one might suspect from her small demeanor. Without giving too much away, this cosplay is a good reflection of just how fierce Eri can be in such a small package. She's most likely going to inspire even more impressive cosplay and artwork once more fans see what she's capable of, but now they're going to have to follow such a strong opening act.

Fans will see Eri along with My Hero Academia Season 4 beginning on October 12th. The series will be streaming on Crunchyroll and FunimationNOW, and fans of the English dub will be able to enjoy the recently confirmed same-day SimulDub release for the season. Funimation describes My Hero Academia Season 4 as such:

"The villain world teeters on the brink of war now that All For One is out of the picture. Shigaraki of the League of Villains squares off with Overhaul of the yakuza, vying for total control of the shadows. Meanwhile, Deku gets tangled in another dangerous internship as he struggles to keep pace with his upperclassman—Mirio."


My Hero Academia was created by Kohei Horikoshi and has been running in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump since July 2014. The story follows Izuku Midoriya, who lives in a world where everyone has powers, even though he was born without them. Dreaming to become a superhero anyway, he's eventually scouted by the world's best hero All Might and enrolls in a school for professional heroes. The series has been licensed by Viz Media for an English language release since 2015. My Hero Academia is gearing up for an even bigger end of 2019 with a new anime film too.