My Hero Academia Season 5 Reveals Tons of New Character Designs

The fifth season of My Hero Academia will go live in a matter of months, and it will bring Class 1-A into close quarters with its partner. After some time out of the spotlight, Class 1-B will hit up the screen once more in this upcoming season. The two classes are gearing up for a joint training arc, and a full roster of Class 1-B was just made public to hype fans for the big event.

Over in Japan, the most recent issue of Weekly Shonen Jump went live the other day, and it was there fans got a special treat. A huge advert was included within its pages for My Hero Academia's new season. The spread showed off character designs for all of Class 1-B, and some of the kids should look familiar to you.

As you can see above, the page to the right hosts designs for Monomaniacs as well as Tetsutetsu and Kendo. The three members of Class 1-B are hard to forget given how often they have appeared in the anime. They've been given the spotlight more than a few times, but the rest of Class 1-B cannot say the same.

In total, there are twenty designs on this spread, and some of the students will be brand-new to My Hero Academia fans. One of the students appears to be a beast-man of some sort while another would make Nintendo's Toad proud with their mushroom outfit. Another student appears to be part bull given the horns on their head while the classmate next to them wears a blank comic layout as a mask. All of the heroes have some sort of power that makes them worthy of UA Academy, but the question remains whether they can hold a candle to Class 1-A. Fans will learn that soon enough when season five debuts this April, so here's to hoping Kendo can keep a leash on Monoma!


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