My Hero Academia Reveals Izuku's Fate with One For All

My Hero Academia burst forward with a big episode this weekend, and fans are reeling from its shocking revelation. If you did not know, the latest season five update checked in on Izuku after the boy's power went wild, but that was just the start. My Hero Academia went on to introduce a new vestige of One For All, and the burly man revealed Izuku's fate with the inherited quirk.

The announcement was made just before episode 98 ended, and it came out of the left field. It all began when Izuku was knocked into his consciousness by Shinso. Our boy managed to answer the mind-control hero, but the result left Izuku in his mindscape with a vestige named Banjo.

It turns out the vestiges are alive and well within Izuku. Banjo's colorful personality proved that easily enough, and he made sure to pass a message to Izuku before the boy was thrown back into the real world. You know, because Banjo needs Izuku to know how critical of a role he has with One For All.

"Listen, kid, you'll have six more Quirks manifest in you. Control your heart and master using all of us. Do your best kid! We're with you! You're the one who will complete One For All," he says.

This truth has been suspected all along, but some My Hero Academia fans were still on the fence about Izuku's part in One For All. His connection to the Quirk has been tentative for much of his training, but Izuku's heart is certainly a successor to All Might. If anyone could bring peace to society, it would be this boy, and One For All recognizes that. Now, the issue will come with Izuku being able to master all the facets of the mega-charged Quirk. Banjo's power is hard enough to control on its own, but Izuku will have to master it if he wants to tackle the other six on their way!


What do you make of My Hero Academia's bold prediction? Do you think Izuku is up to the task? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.