My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Kicks Off Hawks' Deadliest Fight Yet

My Hero Academia has kickstarted the first phase of the war between the heroes and villains with the first few episodes of Season 6 of the anime so far, but the newest episode is getting ready for Hawks' big fight with Dabi, his worst potential opponent yet! The sixth season of the series has been very intense with its first few episodes thus far as it is capitalizing on all of the build up from the fifth season as Hawks told the heroes when and where to precisely attack the villains. But he had his own mission to accomplish in secret during all of this.

Now that My Hero Academia Season 6 has heated up the fight between the heroes and villains, Hawks' secret mission has started into high gear too as the hero had targeted Twice as the first major problem needing to be eliminated in order for the heroes to have a fighting chance. During all of this, Dabi makes his move as he had been keeping a close eye on the the hero all this time and now it's time for Hawks to take on an opponent who can easily (and already has) burn through his wings. 

Episode 116 of My Hero Academia (which is the third episode of the sixth season overall) saw Hawks get his plan into motion thanks to the heroes beginning their attack. Focusing his efforts on Twice, he had intended to take the villain in before he could use his Double quirk to outnumber the heroes. It's here that Dabi enters the fray to save Twice, and explains that he had not been trusting Hawks this entire time despite everything Hawks had done in order to get into the Paranormal Liberation Front ahead of the heroes' grand scheme. 

Dabi was able to burn through the majority of Hawks' wings, and the hero explains that this is the worst possible opponent he could fight. Not only does he not have the room to fly around as he needs, but Dabi's flames in such a confined space makes for a troubling development. Couple this with the fact that Dabi will now be fighting that much harder thanks to Hawks taking Twice out of the equation, and it's setting up for quite the intense fight. 

Are you excited to see Hawks vs. Dabi's fight play out in My Hero Academia's anime? How are you feeling about Hawks as a hero after the newest episode? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!