My Hero Academia Changes Season 6 Ending Following a Major Death

This year promised to be a big one for My Hero Academia, and the franchise has not let up since fans' expectations rose. After a middling season five, the anime is back in full force thanks to a new arc, and it has put our heroes on the frontlines. Of course, this means some casualties were all but inevitable, and one of of them prompted My Hero Academia season six to edit its ending in the saddest way. 

The whole ordeal went down this week thanks to My Hero Academia's newest episode. It was there fans checked on Twice as the villain carried on his battle with Hawks. The pro hero has been laser-focused on defeating Twice because of his powerful quirk, and he made it clear he would do whatever needed to take Twice out. And in the end, viewers watched as Hawks killed Twice to give his allies their best chance against Shigaraki.

The Big Edit

As for the edit in question, My Hero Academia snuck the upsetting scene in its outro if you watched the whole thing. As you can see above, the edit changes a scene in the ending with Toga as she is seen with Twice in a specific shot. However, now that the man is dead, Toga is alone in the shot. She is seen hunched over her knees while crouching, and we're sure the teenager is crying over the devastating loss.

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After all, Toga and Twice had one of the highest bonds in the entire League. They may have seemed like an unlikely pair, but at their cores, the two wanted acceptance. Twice wanted real friends while Toga was desperate to find people who accepted her for all of her bloody hobbies. The two found validation in each other and Twice made sure Toga knew his love for her before passing away. And now, well – fans can only imagine the kind of grief Toga is going through these days. 

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