My Hero Academia Hits Deku With His First Love Confession

My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 7 surprised Deku with Toga's confession of love!

My Hero Academia Season 7 is now in the midst of the final war between the heroes and villains, but Izuku Midoriya's world has been turned upside down as he reacts to getting hit with his first confession of love from someone! My Hero Academia spent the first few episodes of the anime's run this Spring setting the stage for the heroes' final plan against All For One and Tomura Shigaraki, and it was explained that their strategy was to separate all of the key fighters into different battlefields. But this plan didn't work as expected thanks to a last minute move from Himiko Toga. 

My Hero Academia's previous episode saw Toga spot Deku in the midst of all of the separating, and she quickly pulled him through the warp gate. The newest episode of the anime revealed that Deku indeed had been separated in the farthest fighting ground possible from where Shigaraki is, and it's because Toga wanted to tell Deku all about the feelings she's had for him this entire time. Confessing that she's loved Deku ever since she saw him (because he reminds her of a crush from her past), it's here Toga asks Deku to be her boyfriend. Which pretty much short circuits him because it's the first time it's happened to Deku at all. 

My Hero Academia: Toga Confesses to Deku

My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 7 sees Toga confessing her love to Deku, and reveal that she's doing all of this because she hopes he'll become her boyfriend. Despite her being a dangerous villain, this throws Deku for a loop. He's been so focused on everything going on with One For All, and the war has been so chaotic, that Toga had yet to fully confess to Deku despite their few run ins with one another. Since he's such a naive kid, the word boyfriend gets him embarrassed as he short circuits for a moment. 

He even asks Toga that by boyfriend if she means she wants to go to an amusement park "and hold hands, and share a crepe" and it even gets Ochaco's attention. Naturally, Toga's love means something more sinister and thus Deku tries to understand her and ask why she wants to hurt someone she love, and this breaks Toga's heart. This is a rejection that shifts her demeanor completely as Deku no more different than the other heroes she hates, and now it's up to Ochaco to properly end this fight with Toga instead