My Hero Academia Creator Celebrates Season 6 Finale With New Sketch

My Hero Academia fans might have all eyes on the recently announced Season 7, My Hero Academia manga creator is making sure to pay tribute to My Hero Academia Season 6's finale with a special new sketch for the final episode! The My Hero Academia has officially kicked off the Final Act of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia manga with the final few episodes of Season 6. This not only explored the immediate fallout of the heroes' fight against the Paranormal Liberation Front War, but set the proper stage for the final battles in the original series overall in the coming season

My Hero Academia Season 7 has officially been announced following the final episode of My Hero Academia Season 6, and My Hero Academia series creator Kohei Horikoshi took to Twitter to celebrate the big news and the end of the anime's sixth season with a special new sketch of Class 1-A finally taking some time to recover after everything that has happened to them over the course of Izuku Midoriya's vigilante stint during the Black Hero arc! Check out Kohei Horikoshi's new My Hero Academia sketch below: 

My Hero Academia Season 7: What to Know

My Hero Academia Season 7 has been announced to be in the works following the final Season 6 episode, but unfortunately there has yet to be any word on when the new episodes will be released. With the Final Act of the My Hero Academia manga still very much in full swing taking on the massive arc that Season 7 will be adapting, it's also a bit unclear as to how much of the manga the new season will cover either as it's also still being developed. 

My Hero Academia Season 7 is likely going to be the hugest season in the anime's run to date considering everything that is currently happening between the heroes and villains in their final battles, but the anime might be taking its time before returning in order to allow the manga more space to explore and get ahead before being adapted once more. Maybe it will even be the final My Hero Academia season the way it's all going right now

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