My Hero Academia: Unpacking the Secrets of Season Six's Theme Song

With the return of My Hero Academia's sixth season, the anime adaptation has given fans a new opening theme song performed by "Eve". As the new tune introduces the latest installments, so to are anime fans able to see a major preview as to what is looking to take place in the remaining episodes of this new season following the conclusion of the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. In this new anime song, the lyrics hint at Deku's character and what his plans might be for a certain villain.

A big part of many Shonen franchises has been the concept of redemption, with series such as One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto, and many others seeing villains transformed from a life of evil to one where they could ally themselves with the heroes they once fought. While we haven't seen too many villains switch sides in My Hero Academia's anime adaptation, Deku is hoping that he can somehow break through Shigaraki's terrifying exterior to find the young boy inside that aspired to be a hero earlier in his life.

The new opening theme song by Eve, titled "Bokura no", shows off a much darker side to Deku but also hints at the idea, through its lyrics, that Midoriya is looking to bring the villain with a huge body count to the right side of the law: 

"In a world that is neither black or white
You were crying, at the depths of hatred
Without even being able to stand up
Trying to reach the horizon
You keep on this reckless rampage, all by yourself  
Carrying all this weight on your back for so long I wonder if I can still
reach out and help you through this difficult journey?
When you feel like you're about to give up
let's walk together far away from here, to any other place."

While the students at UA Academy were able to claim victory against the Paranormal Liberation Front, the victory certainly seems hollow as Hero Society now hangs on by a string following not just the destruction caused during the war, but the revelations surrounding Dabi's identity and the lengths that some heroes are willing to go to keep the status quo.

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