My Hero Academia Proved Shigaraki's Point About Heroes From the Very Start

One of the major themes in My Hero Academia is the society that has placed crime fighting heroes [...]

One of the major themes in My Hero Academia is the society that has placed crime fighting heroes at the "top of the food chain" when it comes to citizens' admiration, and it seems that one of the earlier scenes demonstrates why Shigaraki, the head of the League of Villains and current inheritor of All For One, was right about hero society all along! Shigaraki is currently causing quite the head ache for heroes in the world in the pages of the series' manga, leading an army of villains in the Paranormal Liberation War and killing a number of heroes in their wake!

Shigaraki has felt the wrath of hero society more so than anyone else in the world of My Hero Academia. Born the grandson of the hero known as Nana Shimura, who had the ability of "Float" and was a previous wielder of the One For All Quirk, she was forced to essentially disassociate from her family in order to keep them safe from her enemies. Unfortunately for Shigaraki, this caused him to be abused by his father, who hated heroes as a result of not having a mother growing up. When the villain's Quirk was unleashed when he came of age, he inadvertently killed his entire family, but made sure to purposefully end his father.

Reddit User BarzaLad showed one of the earliest panels of My Hero Academia, highlighting the crowd that had watched Midoriya and Bakugo struggle against a slime monster, proving that society has counted on heroes so much that they see super villain attacks as jokes to be waved off:

Man looking back, he's actually right from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

Following the death of his family, Shigaraki was taken under the wing of villain All For One and molded to be his replacement. In the series, the decaying villain has been adamant in changing the world to benefit those who feel oppressed by the world of heroes, which usually just so happens to be super villains. With the villain Stain inspiring a number of new villains with his mentality, Shigaraki's army grew and has become the strongest threat to the world of heroes to date.

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