My Hero Academia Promo Sheds Ominous Light on Episode 111

My Hero Academia's fifth season is about to make its curtain call as the villain war between the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army is tearing apart the small town which is housing the villain civil war, and the preview for the next installment of the anime adaptation will be diving into the terrifying origin of Shigaraki as the war continues. With the next installment set to also feature Shigaraki battling against Re-Destro, the CEO head of the movement of villains, the world of UA Academy will never be the same following this bloody battle.

In the previous episode of My Hero Academia, we had the opportunity to look into the tragic past of Twice, the duplicating villain who made doubles of himself to combat his loneliness. Terrified of his doubles attempting to take his own life, the League of Villains' member was always scared to unleash the full extent of his Quirk, but when Toga was placed in danger, he reached deep inside of himself and unleashed the insane power that he dubbed the Sad Man's Parade. Unleashing as many doubles as the members of the Meta Liberation Army, Twice's power wasn't enough to bring down Re-Destro, leaving that duty to Shigaraki.

Twitter User Atsushi 101X shared the new images from the next episode of My Hero Academia's fifth season, confirming that the next episode will be touching on the origin of Shigaraki which is easily one of the darkest moments of the Shonen franchise created by Hirohiko Araki so far:

The Meta Liberation Army Arc is setting the stage for the biggest war between the heroes and the villains that we've seen to date and while season six has yet to be confirmed in the anime adaptation, the War Arc will most likely air during this next batch of episodes. My Villain Academia certainly hasn't pulled any punches so far, but the origin of Shigaraki is sure to push the boundaries of the television show, unlike any other events that have taken place so far.


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