My Hero Academia Evolves Twice to a New Level

My Hero Academia has evolved Twice and his quirk to a major new level with the newest episode of the series! The fifth season has shifted its focus to Tomura Shigaraki and the League of Villains for the final arc of this slate of episodes, and with it we have seen each of these villains challenged by a powerful new enemy from the Meta Liberation Army. This new arc has been primed to evolve Shigaraki as All For One's true successor, but as the previous episode revealed with Toga, the rest of the villains have a chance to evolve in their own ways as well.

Just as how Toga faced the ghosts of her past and unlocked a new version of her quirk, Twice was forced to confront his own past as well. But rather than unlock a new power within his quirk, Twice is now able to fully unleash his Double quirk to its full potential as he's now no longer holding himself back. Finally getting over his major hang ups, Twice has evolved to a powerful new level as his Double quirk can be used infinitely it seems.

My Hero Academia Twice Quirk Evolved Anime Season 5 Spoilers
(Photo: TOHO Animation)

Episode 110 of the series shows fans a little more of Jin Bubaigawara's past. We had previously gotten to know Twice before he officially joined up with the League of Villains and saw that he had broken his mental state when he saw his doubles kill one another. This left him worrying that he himself was a double as well, but this newest episode gives us a little more context about how he had gotten to this point.

Twice had been down on his luck, lonely, and lost his job following an unfortunate accident. Creating doubles of himself to help him cope, he eventually falls into a life of crime that soon leads him to the League. This group gave him the acceptance he'd always wanted, and in his desire to save Toga from his "copies" (that were actually created by Skeptic) he learns that his desire to help his friends outweighs his own mental hang ups.

With this weight off of his shoulders, Twice unleashes the full extent of his Double ability. While it still acts the same way in which he cannot duplicate something he doesn't have complete data for, he can now create infinite doubles of himself. With this new understanding of himself and his quirk, the fight against the Meta Liberation Army quickly turns back in the league's favor.


This evolution shows furthers our understanding of Twice and the rest of the league as a whole as they have formed an unspoken bond of loyalty with one another. It's a bond that has helped Twice and Toga grow in new ways, now it remains to be seen if it'll be the same for the others as well. But what do you think of Twice's evolution of body and mind? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!