Naruto Fan Recreates the Valley of the End in Minecraft

Naruto has had some truly epic fights during its tenure, but there are some battles that cannot be outdone. Naruto and Sasuke learned that for themselves after they squared off in the Valley of the End not once but twice. Their fights there rank amongst the best in the whole series, and one fan felt it was time to honor that hallowed locale with a special Minecraft tribute.

Over on Youtube, the user Learning's Misadventures decided it was time to flex their Minecraft skills. They posted a video of themselves in the game building the Valley of the End from scratch. The impressive Naruto build can be seen in the time-lapse above, and it will give you a new appreciation for the setting.

naruto minecraft
(Photo: Youtube / Lerfing's Misadventures)

As you can see, the user had to build a 3D model of the statues in the Valley of the End before putting the giants together in Minecraft. The in-game giants are absolutely massive, and they are given some antique finishes thanks a bit of green stone. Some final detailing work on the hands and feet had to be done as well. Finally, some shading was added to the statues' faces, and it goes without saying the end result is impressive.

Of course, you can see why fans are geeking out over this build. The Valley of the End is an iconic place in Naruto, and it means a great deal to its top heroes. Not even Sasuke can deny the place's importance as it is where he finally chose to return home after going rogue as a young Genin. And while the valley might have been mostly destroyed in their final battle, Naruto and Sasuke still remember the area with fond respect.


What do you make of this impressive Naruto build? Does Minecraft do the monument justice? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.