Naruto Shows How Boruto's Karma Power Compares to Code

Naruto has finally revealed how Boruto's Karma powers compare to those of Code, the villainous young cyborg of the Kara organization. It's been an interesting match-up to consider, as Code and Boruto were both marked by the Otsutsuki as vessels for their resurrection. However, while Boruto has been every bit the fitting host that Momoshiki has wanted (and is slowly possessing), Code proved to be unsuitable to host Isshiki's essence. At the same time, Code has had a lot longer time than Boruto to learn about the deeper potential of Karma's powers.

So what happens and an Otsutsuki-powered Karma collides with a Karma user who doesn't have an Otstusuki behind it? 

In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 63, we get the first big skirmish between Boruto, Code, and Kawaki - three would-be vessels for a new generation of Otstusuki. All three boys have had their DNA overwhelmingly transformed into Otsutsuki - and as recent chapters have revealed, even when the Otsutsuki essence is taken away, the power of the alien clan is still accessible through Karma. So, when negotiations finally break down, and the battling starts, Boruto and Code unleash the powers of their respective Karmas - but it turns out to really be a schooling session - with Code as the teacher. 


As stated, Code's experience with Karma has deepened his knowledge of what the mark is, and what it does, significantly. As Code explains, Karma isn't just a path of resurrection for the Otstusuki - it's an entire database of their experiences and skills

"You're an amateur when it comes to Karma," Code says to Boruto. "Do you know why you get drastically stronger when you activate Karma? Increased power and speed from improved physical ability is certainly a major factor, but that alone wouldn't result in such an exponential jump in battle strength. The real reason lies elsewhere. With Karma's true essence. Which is that the Otsutsuki's combat experience accumulated over millennia gets overlaid upon your own mind and body. That's why you get stronger.

In short, you instantly become a seasoned warrior. IF you're able to draw on Karma properly, that is." 

Since Boruto doesn't yet know how to control Karma's power-boosting abilities at will - and since he has to contend with Momoshiki's mind trying to take over his body - Boruto doesn't stand a chance in the fight. In fact, what Code is doing is actually pretty sadistic: he's simply toying with Boruto to ensure that the Karma marked boy is in fact strong enough to feed to the Ten-Tails and grow a Divine Tree. 

...And even when Momoshiki's consciousness takes over Boruto's body, it's far from a guarantee that they'll be able to take down Code. 

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