Naruto Makes an Emotional Kakashi Throwback in Boruto

Kakashi Hatake is one of the greatest ninjas to come from the Hidden Leaf, and he is also one of its top teachers. Despite his initial resistance, Kakashi has become a genuine role model for the entire village, and he is watching Naruto lead the city with pride. That is why a recent episode of Boruto checked in on Kakashi, and it made room for a special Easter egg that fans are loving.

The update came with the newest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Fans watched as Boruto struggled to come up with a new training plan. After being beaten by Deepa, the boy vowed to grow even stronger, and it turns out Kakashi was the teacher he needed.

Boruto had to do a bit of groveling to get Kakashi to agree to teach him, but their training was worth the humiliation. Their work together helped Boruto create a brand-new Rasengan, and Kakashi was obviously impressed by that skill. Boruto ended up surprising Kakashi just like Naruto did, but the Easter egg in question has nothing to do with a jutsu.

The moment comes after Boruto exhausts himself training. The poor boy is shown stumbling over his feet into a dead sleep, but he doesn't hit the ground. Kakashi steps in to allow the boy to fall on his back, and the Sixth Hokage gives Boruto a ride home. This endearing moment shown similarly during Naruto: Shippuden after Pain was defeated.

As you will remember, Naruto left the battle on his last legs, and he nearly passed out onto the forest floor. However, Kakashi appeared out of nowhere to catch them. The teacher gave Naruto a piggyback ride home, and Kakashi spent that time reflecting on how much Naruto has grown over the years. The moment has become a favorite with fans, and Kakashi was able to experience a similar moment with Naruto's son this week. So if you want to refer to Kakashi as the Uzumaki's chauffeur now, we won't stop you.


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