Naruto Cliffhanger Teases Boruto's Powerful Awakening

If there is one thing Naruto has mastered over the years, it is the art of a cliffhanger. The franchise has worked on the craft for over a decade, and it has enraged fans with its clever cliffhangers time and again. Nowadays, Boruto is the one calling those shots, and it seems a new teaser about the boy has fans theorizing about his long-awaited awakening.

The moment came at the end of chapter 52 as Boruto: Naruto Next Generations got fans buzzing. The big reveal followed Naruto as the Hokage put forth his new Kyuubi form to give Isshiki hell. As their fight raged on, Naruto found himself on the edge with the Otsutsuki, and things went from bad to worse when Kawaki was summoned to the field.


By the chapter's end, fans were certain Isshiki was ready to kill Naruto and take Kawaki as intended. However, the last panel of the release promises that isn't happening. The final page shows Boruto in a close-up shot after he wakes up from passing out. But this time, it is not the Uzumaki in control of himself.

In the face of certain death, Momoshiki appears to have taken over Boruto, and he is the one that will confront Isshiki. The arrival of the Karma swap is a game-changer, and it might end up saving Naruto. After all, the Hokage is the most likely to die next thanks to his new Kyuubi mode, and Isshiki isn't helping. If Momoshiki can level the playing field, the Hokage might just survive this encounter, but the question remains what will happen to Kawaki.

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