Naruto's New Form Reveals its Special Power

Naruto's newest form in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' latest chapter might be dangerous, but it comes with a unique special power that definitely balanced the scales against Isshiki Otsutsuki. The previous chapter of the series ended on a major cliffhanger that saw Naruto unleash a new Nine-Tails form that was said to drain his life. The newest chapter of the series confirms this is the case when it fully revealed this new form dubbed "Baryon Mode." But while it drains Naruto and Kurama's life when active, it has a special power that weakens those around him.

Chapter 52 debuts Naruto's Baryon Mode in full, and Kurama explains that it works kind of like nuclear fusion in that their chakra is used as the base for their power. Because this form destroys their chakra with each passing moment, it also destroys Isshiki's chakra when Naruto comes in contact with him because all chakra is the same at the root.

Chapter 52 of the series shows how Naruto's new Baryon Mode takes a toll on him the longer he uses it. Although he's much stronger and faster than Isshiki, it's not long before he begins to stagger. But when Isshiki tries to take advantage of it, he begins to bleed from his mouth and stagger as well. Kurama explains that while Baryon Mode gives them a huge boost, it still would not have been enough to defeat Isshiki under normal circumstances.

Boruto Naruto Baryon Mode Power New Form
(Photo: Shueisha)

So he decided they would use this form that destroys their own power and lifespan because it would in turn destroy Isshiki's chakra and lifespan with each successful hit. Isshiki realizes this as well because he originally thought he still had 20 hours within Jigen's dying body, and now he's only left with less than 30 minutes thanks to Naruto's Baryon Mode ability.

Isshiki also confirms to himself (and us) that the force of Naruto's attacks don't matter as long as he makes contact. This is the true nature of Naruto and Kurama's gambit as they want to make Isshiki lose his life before theirs, or as Kurama puts it, it's like they are a boxer that wants to win by decision rather than knock out.


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