Naruto Reveals How Much Sarada Trusts Boruto

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations fans had been waiting for well over a year to see the anime return to adapting the events of the manga, and we finally got that big comeback with the start of the Mujina Bandits arc. Not only were fans waiting to see some of the battles in the arc come to life, but it features so many monumental character moments that help to build the foundation of future events. This, of course, includes moments for Boruto and the other members of Team 7 that show just how far each of them has come in their time working together.

Boruto had been guarding over the Feudal Lord's son Tento in the last couple of episodes, and had built quite a bond with the young boy. But unfortunately, that bond has now been tested as Tento had been kidnapped by the Mujina Gang. With Boruto and Team 7 being assigned their first B-Rank mission at the same time, Boruto goes to Sarada to tell her that he's going off to save Tento instead.

Except, because the Feudal Lord wants to keep this from the Hidden Leaf shinobi (and because Boruto found out about the kidnapping by accident) he can't quite say why he's leaving the mission to Sarada and Mitsuki outright. This leads to a quiet scene between the two of them where Sarada shows just how much she trusts Boruto now to let him go off and do his thing without much explanation.

When Boruto approaches Sarada's window and tells her that he can't go, she asks if it's more important than a B-Rank mission and Boruto can only say yes. Sarada then asks if it's something he can't talk about, and once Boruto confirms this, she gives her approval. This is followed by a coy smile suggesting she'll go and help him soon (which is confirmed later).


Although the major timeline of the manga events in the anime has been stretched a little, moments like this hit much harder since we've seen how Boruto and Sarada have come to rely on one another through other missions such as the one where they had to leave the village to rescue Mitsuki. Now it's clear that the two of them are on such an understanding that Boruto doesn't even need to completely explain himself for Sarada to know there's some big trouble brewing.

How do you feel about how far Boruto and Sarada have come in their time working together in Team 7? Do you prefer the anime's take on this conversation or would rather see it play out like it does in the manga? Does the amount of original anime content we've seen change the weight of this conversation at all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!

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