New 'Naruto' Manga Proves Sasuke Is Uncle Goals

The latest addition to the Boruto: Saikyo Dash Generations manga finds Sasuke in a touching moment [...]

The latest addition to the Boruto: Saikyo Dash Generations manga finds Sasuke in a touching moment with Himawari, proving once and for all that he is the ultimate uncle shinobi.

Boruto: Saikyo Dash Generations is a spin-off series by Masashi Kishimoto's assistant, Kenji Taira. Drawn in the "Chibi" or "super deformed" style, it portrays the series' beloved characters in cute moments of harmless fun. It has been running in Saikyo Jump for over a year now, but the latest installment shows Sasuke playing the doting uncle to Himawari.

Sasuke and Himawari interactions are precious (Boruto SD) from r/Naruto

The scene begins with dramatic close-ups of Himawari and Sasuke respectively, both shouting dramatic renditions of a classic Naruto moment. In the final panel, it zooms out to reveal the two play-shouting at a house plant, as Hinata looks on in confusion.

"Why are the kids so attached to Sasuke-Kun?!" she wonders.

The page is a parody of Sasuke's fight against Itachi in the original Naruto: Shipppuden series. It comes complete with a cry of "Do not mock the Uchiha!" and "Disappear.. With the thunder!!" For those unfamiliar, this comes from the moment when Sasuke unleashed Kirin, an extremely powerful lighting release jutsu, on his older brother. The technique calls down a dragon made of lighting from the sky, which killed Itachi.

As the page circulated online, fans noted that it had more significance for Himawari than was apparent at first glance. In addition to re-enacting an infamous scene from shinobi history, Sasuke may be teaching Himawari how best to deal with older brothers who have taken something from you. In her case, rather than wiping out her entire clan, Himawari wants revenge on Boruto for destroying her beloved stuffed bear.

Even outside of the SD series, Sasuke is shaping up to be a seriously influential figure in the lives of Naruto's children. As Boruto's teacher, he has shown a level of patience and empathy that he never had time for in previous iterations, as well as a sense of optimism.

For those unfamiliar, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations continues the epic saga of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. It follows Naruto's son, Boruto, on a journey to forge his own path, outside of his father's influence and legacy. It also expands on the rich fictional world, adding in tech and new elements that make for an interesting sequel.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations airs every Thursday. The show simulcasts on Hulu and Crunchyroll with English subtitles.