Naruto Fan Terrifies With Bobypaint Orochimaru Cosplay

Orochimaru was easily one of the most evil villains in the early days of the Naruto franchise, with the snake Senin first starting his career as a member of Konoha alongside Jiraiya and Tsunade. While they attempted to initially destroy the Hidden Leaf Village and was directly responsible for the death of the Third Hokage, Orochimaru has since mellowed out and one cosplayer has decided to recreate the older look of the villain that once haunted the Shonen franchise.  

Orochimaru did lend a major hand against the Kara Organization when the new villainous group began its march against the ninja world, fighting in a one-on-one battle against the nefarious Victory. While the snake ninja hasn't had a role to play in the current battle against Kara, following the death of Jigen and the arrival of Code as the new leader of the organization, Orochimaru remains experimenting within the shadows of the Hidden Leaf Village and will most likely return to the scene as the battle continues against the new iteration of the rogue ninjas created by Code. Instagram Cosplayer Yaiza Perez was able to perfectly bring Orochimaru to the real world, tongue and all, as the nefarious ninja might have turned a page when it comes to attacking Konoha and its ninjas, but is still a powerhouse when it comes to the dark tricks that they've learned over the years:

The manga and the anime within the Shonen series created by Masashi Kishimoto are taking two wildly different paths at present with the television series set to send the Uzumaki family on vacation while the battle against the Kara Organization continues within the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump. With the anime adaptation creating "original material" for the foreseeable future, Orochimaru might have the opportunity to return, even though the snake ninja hasn't been present in the pages of the manga for quite some time at this point.

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